Wine is an elegant and unique drink unfolding its flavor with each passing day. It comes to life with every pour varying in taste from one bottle to the next. The essence of wine can be released in various ways. Whether served from bottle to glass, decanted, or left open to breath the wine’s aged maturity will leave you with tastes and smells of memorable moments.

Such is the same with Photography. Within each photo a special moment is captured in time, able to everlastingly relived. The smiles, tears, laughter, and all emotions felt long ago are experienced once more. Holding what is most dear to us, pictures grow with value and elegance surviving the test of time.

Dawid Markiewicz welcomes you to White Wine Studio. He is a man who loves telling stories of happy people. He embraces life as an ongoing adventure; from sunrise to sunset, literature to film, sweet to dry wine, he cherishes all of its simplicities. Dawid strives to create images filled with love and the allure of timelessness, capturing your moments from escaping.